Technology Solutions

Our practical, innovative technology solutions are linked to measurable goals to help you achieve a competitive advantage. As a provider of IT solutions at all levels, from enterprise strategic consulting to managed IT services, ICMS helps agencies cope with today’s competitive technology challenges.

ICMS offers proactive, end-to-end management of your complete network infrastructure. Using industry-best tools and proven methodologies, our experts anticipate issues, and identify and resolve potential problems, often before they even surface.

Structured cabling systems are the backbone of the modern information network. ICMS’ expertise in the design and implementation of your structured cabling system can help reduce a significant impact to your budget thereby affording you the opportunity to make informed  organizational and technological changes in the future.


Managed IT Service

As a leading provider of IT services for all layers of the modern enterprise…from enterprise strategy consulting to managed infrastructure services, ICMS’s IT experts are assisting global enterprises to successfully meet the competitive realities and challenges of today’s technology advancements. We accomplish this by applying our consulting expertise and proven, industry certified methodologies and tools to IT governance, information content and data management, software development and process improvement techniques, and infrastructure services management.

ICMS’s managed IT services support provides a single point of contact and management for the resolution of all IT enquiries, enabling greater efficiency, a lower total cost of ownership and the peace of mind knowing that your organization has an IT partner with a results oriented track record.

Professional Services Include:

Strategic Consulting

IT Assessments

Network Security Services

Disaster Recovery Planning

IT Management

Network Design/Build

Technical Projects

Staff Augmentation

Data Center Management

Level I, II and III Support

24/7 Help Desk Support

Outsource Help Desk

IT Services capabilities at every level

Networks & Communications

Looks To Us To Solve Your Complex Problems

Managing your IT operations efficiently and effectively is challenging even in the best of times. The riskier, costlier and more complex environment of today’s world makes the challenge all the greater.

ICMS offers proactive, end-to-end management of your complete network infrastructure. Using industry-best tools and proven methodologies, our experts anticipate issues, and identify and resolve potential problems, often before they even surface.

Here’s how we can help:

Task Us to Ensure Your Success.


ICMS can integrate complex, multi -platform communications infrastructure systems to meet the mission critical requirements of government agencies, and commercial unities. We can design, implement, and manage communication systems that provide connectivity worldwide.

At ICMS, we offer assurance that our clients have exactly what they need to operate their businesses with maximum efficiency and reliability. We attain this level by combining three critical functions to ensure 24/7 reliability:

✔ Secure networking—ICMS utilizes the latest industry tools to provide a vibrant and secure network structure. From design to implementation and management, we strive to build a secure reliable network infrastructure.
✔ Wireless—ICMS and its partners can deploy wireless network systems that are scalable and consistently deliver high-speed connectivity throughout your operational environment.
✔ Cutting edge satellite systems— ICMS and its partners can develop  turnkey communication systems that utilize satellite and wireless for a fast, secure and reliable solution to connect your multiple facilities.

Connect from anywhere.

ICMS can help your organization visually communicate and connect with people around the world. Our integrated communication systems can provide a media rich dynamic delivery environment utilizing the latest tools to provide a collaborative mix of audio, visualization and wireless. Whether you are in a corporate or government environment, our video teleconference capabilities allows your organization to collaborate and interact with colleagues at an instant, while also saving money and time.

In today’s global marketplace, VTC technology can provide feature-rich multimedia environments that include everything from video teleconferencing to boardroom design. Whether it is a simple solo camera system or a fully integrated multi presence system, ICMS can help you easily connect to and from government agencies, corporate boardrooms, and operations centers around the world.

Our Capabilities:

✔ Designed solutions to meet your budget and challenging requirements.

✔ Design a system to meet your requirements, from a simple video conferencing to full support for larger facilities to connect with the world.

✔ Work with experts to develop solutions that align with your goals and objectives.

✔Control risk and reduce cost.

Depend on a strong backbone.

ICMS offers a comprehensive portfolio of LAN/WAN solutions to address all facets of the network lifecycle including integration, operation and ongoing management. Our vast experience allows us to offer comprehensive solutions to a broad range of leading LAN/WAN technologies and products including modems, hubs, routers, switches, multiplexers, as well as Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit (CSU/DSUs), and firewalls.

To effectively and securely connect networks using integrated devices we use advanced routing and switching capabilities, along with optimizing appliances, to integrating voice, video, and data for a seamless network operation.


✔ Real-time monitoring and reporting of assets and performance;

✔ Support for operations, administration and maintenance;

✔ Identify and secure threats to the network;

✔ Optimization solutions to enhance the performance of existing technologies;

✔ Design and implementation of new LAN/WAN backbones to deliver a consistent level of service while reducing operational expenses.


✔ Level 1 Service Desk Support;

✔ Level 2 NOC support;

✔ Program Management and Technical services for design, deployment, management and maintenance;

✔ Data center network architectures, converged multi-service packet core architectures and advanced security integration;

✔ Support for cabling (Inside/Outside), wireless and equipment racking and power configurations.

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Structural Cabling

Let Us Solve Your Complex Cabling Problems

ICMS’s expert team provides end-to-end structured cabling solutions for a variety of industries…from Federal & State government agencies to commercial clients. Whether locally or nationally, ICMS has the resources and capabilities to meet your requirements.

Structured cabling systems are the backbone of the modern information network. Our expertise in the design, planning and implementation of your structured cabling system can help reduce the impact to your budget; thereby providing you the ability to make painless organizational and technology changes in the future.

Here’s how we can help:

Premise Cabling


ICMS has the capacity to perform a wide variety of interior-structured Cabling System applications on a national basis. Since our beginning in 2008, ICMS has utilized its extensive experience in supporting Federal Agencies such as DHS, GSA, NOAA and Multinational Corporations like SAIC on various telecommunications projects. From standard applications – to installation of products and services, ICMS stands ready to ensure your mission critical goals are accomplished.

Cable Services:

Data Cabling connects your organization to the outside world through the internet. Mission critical tasks take place at workstations throughout your facilities every day, and you cannot afford connectivity issues. Let our certified professional installers handle your premise cabling needs. We’ve been exceeding our customer’s expectations regarding cost-effectiveness, workmanship and client experience since 2008. From top to bottom, ICMS is a company organized to install and implement Network Cabling solutions efficiently, aesthetically and quickly. Our clients love our quick turnaround times, the thoroughness of our technical staff, and the responsive and informative approach of our Project Managers. Find out for yourself why government agencies prefer ICMS for their Network Cabling needs.

ICMS provides a full suite of phone placement and Voice Cabling solutions and services. We apply the same expertise to Voice Cabling as we do to our Network Cabling solutions, focusing on functionality and aesthetics in our design, implementation and installation.

Outside Plant Cabling


ICMS wiring capabilities don’t stop at the outside walls of your facility. ICMS provides physical cabling and supporting infrastructure, as well as associated hardware, to connect your network from the demarcation point outwards. We will install both copper and fiber, via aerial structures, direct burial, or conduit between locations. As a turn-key provider of structural cabling, the end user gains the benefit of having a single contractor for both their Premise and Outside Plant cabling requirements.

Conduit and Manhole – ICMS has the capabilities to lay Outside Plant cabling in conduit and manhole applications. By making use of existing sub-ground structures, installing Conduit in Outside Plant applications becomes a cost-effective way to tie campus-level network infrastructure projects into the wider connectivity networks available in your region.

Direct Burial Trenching – In new campus facilities, it is often required that cable be connected into the wider outside network manually, by way of underground (Direct-buried) cabling. Not only is the cabling itself unique in this application, but the methods and equipment needed to install it are such that require the capacity, expertise or resources to undertake these kinds of projects.

A Structured cabling system that is able to easily integrate the latest technological trends helps your business remain competitive, while reducing overall infrastructure costs.

The most effective method to reduce your cable plant management cost is to allow ICMS to design your cable system during your project’s initial design phase. The earlier ICMS becomes your strategic partner in your IT project, the more value you’ll receive from our experience in designing, planning and implementing a cabling systems which allows us to specify network hardware, cable type, pathways, and the specifications for your LAN rooms. Our in-house professionals can design and implement a system for adaptability, expansion and to meet future bandwidth requirements of our clients.

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