Facility Services

ICMS has been providing dedicated facilities operations services to Federal and State Governments as well as Commercial clients for over 20 years. We have a proven track record of providing complete asset management and maintenance support.

ICMS is a full-service facilities management consulting firm. We help Federal and State Governments, and commercial companies to create and manage corporate facilities; from project planning and consulting, to ongoing facilities management support.

ICMS can ensure that physical space assets are being properly managed and utilized. ICMS can develop long range strategic plans for your agency or institution’s space with respect to its expansion, use, and management.

Facility Operation Services

ICMS Facilities Solutions personnel work with clients to minimize cost and maximize your facilities efficiency and performance. We have a proven track record of providing complete asset management and maintenance support.
Our certified professional staff carry over 20 years of facilities management support experience in the Federal and State Government arena. With effective planning and diligent execution, we help achieve our clients goals on time and within budget. We offer comprehensive support services in planning, project management, and capital improvements in order to deliver the best experience and resources to our clients. Through a diverse team of highly skilled employees, we provide a wide array of maintenance services and resources customized for each client. From our technical specialists and our support partners, you can depend on us to safely and cost-effectively maintain your facilities.

Professional Services Include:

Bundled Facility Services

On-site Facility Management

Day to Day Management

Vendor Management

Budget Analysts

Financial Analysts

Program Management

Project Managers

Preventive, Predictive and Demand Maintenance

Building Engineers



Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) Implementation and Operations

Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Energy Management and Operations

Retro Commission

Network Integration

Energy Management

Janitorial Services

Facility Consulting Services

Looks To Us To Solve Your Complex Problems

Managing your operations efficiently and effectively is challenging even in the best of times. The riskier, costlier and more complex environment of today’s world makes the challenge all the greater.

Across functions like finance, staffing, security, EMS, IT and operational areas like procurement, supply chain, engineering, and tenant relationship, ICMS consultants dig deep into the root causes of inefficiencies. Then they provide insights on how to make your entire enterprise or business function more effective and nimble in responsive to changes in strategy.   Our track record of success will help you quickly understand how to define functional strategies, translate them into an execution plan and ultimately get things done.

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Services Outline


Strategic Planning

We recognizes that successful projects result from a thorough understanding of your Federal or State agency and commercial business requirements.

Consulting Services

Our facilities management services are completely scalable, so we can adjust according to your specific requirements.

Construction Management

We provide a single point of control for keeping construction projects on track, from site development and shell and core construction, to tenant improvements and small interior retrofits.

Relocation Services

ICMS will manage your moves quickly, cost effectively, and without compromising productivity—whether you are relocating hundreds of people to a new campus, or managing a constant series of day-to-day transfers.

Real Estate

We support all aspects of the Real Estate & Facilities Management life cycle.

Space Planning Services

Let Us Help Solve Your Complex Space Problems

Your workplace strategy needs to directly support your unique industry requirements, whether that industry sector is a corporation, healthcare, education or government. We staff industry specialists dedicated to creating industry-specific solutions that can adapt to the distinctive requirements of your people and organization.

ICMS partners with clients to provide a unique blend of space planning experience and technology to solve complex challenges faced in today’s workplace environment. The culture has shifted from individual, closed workstations to a more open and collaborative workplace environment. We provide our customers with the resources and knowledge to create innovative environments that ensure workplace connectivity.


Services Outline


Space Management & Design

ICMS Space Management Division works to focus on understanding the needs of our clients and then creating a design that expresses their goals, culture, and brand.

Office Building Design

Our work in office building design ranges from highly specialized and customized headquarters, to buildings designed for a wide range of needs and tenants, to the repositioning of an existing building for new uses.

Space Planning

Through sustainable and innovative concepts, ICMS space planning division partners with clients to create designs that inspire and improve lives. With registered architects, interior designers and LEED Accredited Professional in house.

Feasibility Analysis

We have 15 years of experience in using structured techniques to solve complex space problems; identify root causes; optimize the probable outcomes of difficult decisions; and optimally align actions or projects with goals or values.

Sustainable Design

ICMS recognizes the vital interrelationships in each project between the elements of architecture, interior design and landscape/site design. Our design philosophy is to integrate these elements to achieve a unified, cohesive and comprehensive result.